On 12 December, the presentation of the Erasmus + We All Count Project to a large group of European and Belgian institutions in the educational, social and cultural world took place at the residence of the Ambassador of Spain in Brussels. The Erasmus + 'Art for Cohabitation Art' Project was also presented to the audience.

'We All Count'

The Erasmus + 'We All Count' Project was presented to the audience, in which the Yehudi Menuhin Spain Foundation is a partner (the Project is coordinated by MUS-E Roma) and a small report of the work carried out in the municipalities of Rome, Budapest and the province of Toledo (specifically in Aldeanueva de Barbarroya and Alcolea de Tajo). We highlight in the public the presence of a large Spanish delegation, with the participation of three mayors and a councilja of the towns of Velilla de San Antonio in Madrid, and Aldeanueva de Barbarroya and Alcolea de Tajo in Toledo, as well as management teams and teachers from 3 schools (CEIP Tomás y Valiente and CEIP Valdemera, both from Velilla de San Antonio , and the Colegio Rural Agrupado Río Tajo – José Manuel Oviedo, with presence in several towns in the province of Toledo) and a representative of the URJC. The event ended with a concert of the composite string quartet Nana Kawamura, David Wlodarczyk, Clément Holvoet, and Mario Villuendas. The repertoire included pieces by Joaquín Turina, Luigi Boccherini, Alexander Glazunov, Alexander Borodin and Hugo Wolf.

' Art for Coexistence '

Thanks to the support of the Embassy itself and in collaboration with our partner, International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, the project we have carried out over the last 2 years in 7 European countries in the municipalities of Velilla de San Antonio, Evora, Turin, Berlin, Bern, Budapest and Brussels was presented. We have the presence of representatives of all partners. Following the presentation of the Erasmus + 'Art for Cohabitation' Project, we show a summary video of the documentary 'Art for Cohabitation'.

International press impact

The event had a great echo both nationally and internationally in terms of the press. Thus, the EFE Agency or La Vanguardia have been some of the means that have echoed this act of 'Art for Cohabitation'.