One of the partner countries of the Erasmus + 'We All Count' Project is Hungary. And from there we bring several examples of good practice. We focus on two specific pieces of 'We All Count', which correspond to a children's workshop and that of a Flash Mob show, both very enriching. In the children's workshop, which we see below, we can enjoy the opinions of the little ones, the artists who give these sessions — "Every day is a world, but when the workshop starts all it dissipates because interacting with children is something fantastic," they comment — or the teachers the center's own teachers. Songs, feelings, dances, body movements, painting, art, life. This is the Erasmus + 'We All Count' Project. "Going to MUS-E classes is great." About a Flash Mob job is the other element we're going to be talking about over a few lines. It's a video of life again, of sharing, of learning, of enjoyment. A square in Budapest where you can sing and live. A common work that for a few seconds makes the whole square of the capital of Hungary remain silent, attentive to the wonderful spectacle. "It's the best memory I'm taking back to Rome," says one of the parties involved in this initiative. "Without a doubt, feeling, singing together with children, companions has been an enriching experience."