We want to share with you and you an experience that, within the Erasmus + ‘We All Count’ Project, of which the FYME is a part, took place on 25 November at the CRA Rio tajo. It was a work on Education and Gender Equality. On November 25, 2019, a day was held to work on Gender Equality at the CRA Rio Tajo. The children of the different sections of the center gathered in Alcolea del Tagus to enjoy a few days in which they were able to carry out three activities. On the one hand, a video forum was made with different short films related to gender equality where they were able to comment on different perspectives on the subject.

Second, three murals were made in commemoration of the International Day against Gender Violence from the Plastic Arts. Finally, they had the collaboration of the artist Jose Manuel Barbero to work the genre through the theater; conducted a session based on gender stereotypes and how different canons are raised for men and women. Both students and teachers finished the day with a good taste of the mouth.