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Last Thursday, April 30, 2020, the CRA Rio Tajo-José Manuel Oviedo launched a new activity: 'Digital interviews. We talked to…'. This activity will allow the students of the CRA to bring athletes, musicians, actors, etc. closer to the crates. It is already different people from these fields, who have confirmed their participation in this interesting activity, so, until the end of this course, this activity will have a weekly periodicity. The objective is to continue this project in upcoming courses, although the periodicity will become fortnightly or monthly. In the first two digital interviews, April 30 and May 7, cra students have chatted with two Olympic athletes: triathlete Fernando Alarza and canoeist Paco Cubelos. For the third interview, there is a change of registration, on May 14 we will be accompanied by the singer of a well-known Spanish indie rock band. At the CRA Río Tajo-José Manuel Oviedo we are convinced of the importance of rural school, that it must be a living and active school and that it must help overcome any kind of gap. We want to thank the availability and kindness of Fernando Alarza and Paco Cubelos, making themselves available to our small reporters, as well as to all the people who have confirmed their participation.

About Fernando Alarza

The first, the athlete who launches these digital interviews. Who is Fernando Alarza? A triathlete born in Talavera de la Reina on March 23, 1991. Among his extensive record in the Triathlon universe is the bronze at the World Triathlon Championships, in 2016, and a silver at the European Triathlon Championships, in 2018, as well as numerous major spots in the World Triathlon Series. In 2016 he was an Olympian at the Rios de Janeiro Games, earning him to be in the top-20 (18th).

The interview with Fernando Alarza

It is 30 fascinating minutes in which the students of the CRA Río Tajo ask Fernando Alarza to form a sensational interview that represents the first step of a project carried out by the CRA Río Tajo- José Manuel Oviedo to bring students, their surroundings and all who want to know a little more about this initiative and its protagonists.