On March 9, 2020, the CRA Río Tajo-José Manuel Oviedo received the visit of the Delegate of the Board of Communities of the province of Toledo accompanied by the provincial delegates of Education and Social Welfare. This visit was developed as part of the activities envisaged by the CRA to celebrate International Women's Day. These activities, in addition to students and teachers, also involved mothers, fathers and municipal representatives.

'We All Count' exhibition

JCCM provincial leaders also visited the exhibition of the work carried out in the Erasmus + 'We All Count' Project. The CRA management team and the programme coordinator provided an extensive explanation of the program's development. In this sense, the exhibition was part of the premise of meeting the objectives and activities of 'We All Count', in which the FYME takes part. The entire center is involved and participates in this project and thus wanted to reflect on the walls of its courtyard, with the desire that this proposal be transferred to the other schools that are part of 'We All Count'.