Mario Marcol, artist of the Erasmus + 'We All Count' Project brings us a photo shoot that enhances the importance of having a group, of being part of it. "At the CRA Río Tajo, within Project Erasmus + 'WAC' and in the final stretch of it, we hold a session on how important it is to have a group. We put in names and made greetings with our groups and made cooperative challenges to know how important it was to work together. But some member of the group had to leave the group and be part of another: what do you think happened? ;was it well received in the new group?; Did he miss the previous one?" explains Mario Marcol about his work. "This personal work is also a metaphor for group work, and what we have shared and felt at WAC. The challenge now is, from the sense, to stick together," he concludes.