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Second installment of the section launched by the CRA Rio Tajo 'Digital Interviews. We talked to…'. After talking with Fernando Alarza, turn for the canoe of the Talaaverano Paco Cubelos.

Cubelos is the second protagonist of a section that will allow CRA students to be brought closer to athletes, musicians, actors, etc. It is already different people from these fields, who have confirmed their participation in this interesting activity, so, until the end of this course, this activity will have a weekly periodicity. The objective is to continue this project in upcoming courses, although the periodicity will become fortnightly or monthly.

Paco Cubelos

Paco Cubelos (born 8 October 1992) is an internationally successful canoeist. He was 7th at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, obtaining an Olympic diploma, in addition to having won a total of five medals in the European Championships (4 bronzes and 1 gold) and three medals at the World Championships (2 silvers and 1 bronze). With this new interview, which will happen in the coming days one of an important reference of indie music in Spain, the CRA Río Tajo allows its students to approach and interact with important personalities from the world of art, culture and / or sport.