The Italian partners of the Erasmus + 'We All Count' Project send us a lot of material that can be summarized if not all of the work done. On top of that, with these videos we are able to share a good idea of how WAC on transalpine lands. Five videos, different but with the common point of being part of We All Count and spinning all around Art and reality which is sharing good practices: music workshops, singing, artistic laboratories, dance. A small view of the singing workshop by Sandra Cotronei. In both the first and second part, children participate in "interlingual" musical activities, singing together some songs that have an Italian and another language version. In this way, children discover common cultural roots, comparing and exchanging their experiences and linguistic knowledge. A small view of the dance workshop of Maria Luisa Pirritano. From the 'Myths of Creation', therefore, from the oldest origins of humanity, children have imagined the world with their eyes closed and faced psychophysical sounds, images and sensations. The 4 elements were also a fundamental step in this workshop, along with reflection on gender and physical contacts, which led many children to get to know each other better and strengthen emotional bonds. Parents, teachers and artists gather in this series of workshops to discuss, exchange experiences and try their luck in the same artistic work that their children and students have faced during the 'We All Count' project. In this way, they manage to experience specifically the value of the paths offered to children, especially at a cultural, moral and psychophysical level. A summary of the experiences, activities, meetings and protagonists of the transnational meetings provided for by the project "All Count", which were held respectively in Rome (Italy), Aldeanueva-Alcolea (Spain) and Budapest (Hungary). Teachers and artists come together to discuss and exchange good practices, methodologies, ideas and results of their work with children. Created at the Mus-e Film Laboratory, coordinated by Fabio Sidoti, in this collection of interviews, children reflect on their origins, starting with their parents and grandparents, to end up reflecting on their future: dreams, expectations and visions. of the world to come.